out of the forest

Ok, I’ve been battling the player.io server side all week at my spare moments, but I just can’t make it run as I want to. It’s no big deal to set up an insecure scaling multiplayer game, its actually really nice at player.io, but when it comes down to heavier processing on that server side things get complex. Very complex. I lost some development time trying to workaround stuff there, and lost momentum when I realized I had to go back.

I’ve reverted to my original approach which is running my own servers and also letting people run servers for me if the want to pitch in. I’m hoping and estimating that one decent multi core server should be able to handle 8-10 games with 8 players each. My early tests show that it could actually be even better than that too.. Java is quite good at doing my virtual platfom work, only 20% slower than my C port. C# however sucks at it (or, I suck at tooling C# into something that runs fast). Action Script too ofc, but there it’s more expected.

The good news is that my own server solution is already matching my side step in C# for playerio, so I’m back on track now and making progress. Apache MINA is pretty awsum! It’s also time to get a proper laptop, just can’t decide which one atm.


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