Ah! Yes, I used to blog here. Well, sort of forgot about that for a while.

The game is progressing! It is now a flash game, using a java server and has 2-8 players per game. But it’s still too rough around the edges for me to go fully public with, I reckon, but we’re close!

I’m currently implementing the shop, having the server verify and approve all shop operations. This should be done soon. Then some way of presenting the current scores for all playes, and which player ultimately wins it all (first player to win 5 rounds or so is the winner, in this first game mode). Not rocket science (that part has already been taken care of) but will still need some dev time. Hopefully I can find some time during christmas holidays!

I’ll try tweeting more, maybe that’ll be easier to keep updated than the blog.


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Part time indie game developer
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