xmas progress

Christmas went well and was nice, I even got a new computer at my day time job (which I happily use for this project too).

Project Brutal is moving forward. Just passed 20k lines! 🙂 (executable image compresses to just over 32kB) I had a couple of awful bugs a few days back and this environment with mp and flash does not yet have the ability to local replay, but it’s sorted now. The shop and round loop thing is getting tighter and I even have a score screen. It’s nice to see who wins the round and how many points the other players have.

Now, if I could just finalize the game (and make it look nice) when a player reaches 5 wins, it’d be ok for people to start test this stuff! I need to fix/disable a few silly bugs and limitations too. I’ll get right on that.


About dr-m

Part time indie game developer
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