Yesterday I tested a few rounds with the (almighty) Notch and had a great time. The game play works pretty good already, despite (or thanks to?) the doors that tend to close to early and kill anyone in between… There were no network problems, it’s just a very action packed multiplayer game thats incredible accessible (just about any computer not older than 5 years, internet and port 80 open for traffic).

I really like that it doesn’t have that 2-20 minutes AAA-title hassle of loading a huge multi gigabyte game and finding a good server that you and your friend(s) also can play in (and then repeating that a few times since the game crashes or you accidentally alt-tab it).

We accidentally terminated the game a few times, both of us. Notch clicked the (just added) main menu button, and I managed to drag and drop an icon from my desktop into the window which made it try to read that file instead. I also clicked a few times on the address bar in my browser. There should be a warning when going back to main, but the other stuff is harder to fix. The (planned) native version would be able to run full screen and/or with a joypad, but I won’t be building that until I am able to do this full time.

But we encountered a pretty dramatic bug that made the screen black. It’s most probably some horrible memory overrun going on. I couldn’t find it by a quick code review right after, so now I need to trap it and record the session (which requires adding support for recording also in flash + networked) and take it apart. That will be my goal for this evening. Once it can be replayed it will be fixed in 15 minutes or similar. Without it, I could easily spend 15 hours searching it..


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3 Responses to testing

  1. Fistofvalor says:

    Great Job. Let me know if you need help with some more testing.

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