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multiplayer alpha out

It’s on! Open alpha testing of multiplayer mode (death row) has started. It’s possible to play 8 people in each game, and we currently have two servers able to host up to 8 simultaneous games. One is located in Sweden, … Continue reading

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I’ll be (further) reducing time at my regular job in favor for this project! As of February, I will be working 40% on this. This means, at least initially, losing a lot of money each month, but that is sure … Continue reading

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‘Bout time for an update I think. We’ve been hard at work (when possible) fixing stuff with the game. Recent additions are; – The single player enemies are also in multiplayer mode now. But since the way they are implemented … Continue reading

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I’ve been hard at work improving the multiplayer mode (as usual) and playtested a lot with people. Now it’s really playable with very few serious show stopping bugs. It even played pretty decent over the Atlantic. Most recent additions were; … Continue reading

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moar test!

We ran 4 player test games yesterday evening, actually we played for 1 1/2 hours in total some how.. Besides being awesomely fun, we also encountered a lot of stuff ranging from serious bugs to important missing features (such as … Continue reading

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(not so) grand opening

I’m very close to opening a mp alpha testing! I play tested some today with a guy in Berlin and it behaved well inside the game, perfectly playable. Our main issue was that the game hung whilst exiting the shop … Continue reading

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