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Sorry about the lack of updates of blog, game etc. Wish I had more time to work on the project, as usual. Tomorrow and the day after are as usual my 40%-of-the-week-as-an-indie days, I hope we can get around to … Continue reading

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first music added

The next update will also have music! We got three nice test snippets from our newly appointed sound guy (who also happens to be an old friend of mine) and they fit right in. He may want to do a … Continue reading

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new stuff

First traps are about done, In other news, the game is more stable now, so we want to update the online version in a day or so!

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forest, out of

Yeah, I got the game running in it’s new world of low precision and high compatibility! The impact on the Flash VHP in speed or anything really was very limited, much less than I feared. It did how ever give … Continue reading

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Still debugging

Didn’t get many hours of work done during the weekend, just got it the game stable in java VHP but the flash VHP is not yet up to speed. Changes have been ported and I am still positive it should … Continue reading

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Digging deep

Been hunting precision errors, and I’m in the middle of trying out a way of doing the fp math much more stable, but slower. The multiplayer game server+client combo has a very special need that requires the flash (or any … Continue reading

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Aaach, buugs

After a little fun playtesting tonight it’s clear that the current state of the game is not very stable.. I wanted to release an update tonight or tomorrow, but I just have to find these issues first. Got a few … Continue reading

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