Sorry about the lack of updates of blog, game etc. Wish I had more time to work on the project, as usual. Tomorrow and the day after are as usual my 40%-of-the-week-as-an-indie days, I hope we can get around to update the game now – the current beta does not even have the machete implemented… The game it self is faster, more stable and most importantly even more fun!


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2 Responses to delays

  1. Bryon (Fistofvalor) says:

    Hey, Missed you on msn. The version you told me to play found a few bugs. So check out my replay ( Around 3:30 EST ) I was running around and all “monsters” could not be killed, but also they did not attack me. Just pretended I was not there. I also noticed my shadow was off. Instead of shows the shadow under me, it would be a few squares over or something.

    Besides that it looks great!! Keep it up

    • dr-m says:

      Ah yes, np. I saw that bug too, funny one actually! I may or may not have fixed it now, can’t make it happen at least.. See if you can get it. Survival is so much better now, isn’t it?
      Well, gotta get some sleep!

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