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new enemy weapon

The new robot proves to be a complex challenge, not only when played as an opponent, but also programming it is complicated. Getting a good behavior is hard enough alone, but I also have the issues of animating something remotely … Continue reading

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the arms come off

Before the easter hoildays I’ve coded some on the robot. Now it animates properly in multiplayer, and you can shoot either cannon off it (kinda like his arms). It’s quite addictive! As an added bonus, you will also be able … Continue reading

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almost new robot

As usual I’ve been squeezing in dev time where ever and made some progress on the robot. Its working and animates as expected now, looks really sinister! It does not perform good in multiplayer yet, but that’s merely an animation … Continue reading

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new enemy

Very busy this friday and the weekend, but I’ve been working a day or so on the new robot enemy. He’s in an entirely different league compared to the relatively dumb enemies we currently have. You will be able to … Continue reading

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update out

Hey, play a round and tell us something! Just pushed the all the fixes in the previous post, PLUS a heap of additional stuff listed here: – Enemy-enemy damage works again, was broken for a while. So shots and explosions … Continue reading

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We’ve isolated a few key problems with current survival and multiplayer modes, partly by playing with people and partly by watching replays. Then we made a list, or sort of, and implemented various counter measures for these things. The result … Continue reading

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We’ve managed to update the game a few times, addressing the most urgent bugs. We also finally got a multiplayer server in US again, this time on the west coast. Let’s just see how much it can handle, eh? You … Continue reading

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