We’ve isolated a few key problems with current survival and multiplayer modes, partly by playing with people and partly by watching replays. Then we made a list, or sort of, and implemented various counter measures for these things.

The result is an improved experience, hopefully less angering and more challenging (in the right way). Still a couple of bugs in there, and more testing is needed, but I’m confident the result will be released this week.

I should probably reset the high scores at that point too, since the survival mode balance has changed considerably.

– Less mines in “the box”. They were quite common!
– Keycard radar is more prominent and text when picking up a keycard in survival is more helpful. It also emits a sound when popping up, so its easier to notice.
– Keycard radar is jammed on some higher levels, lessening the range of it.
– The “press fire to continue” is now flashing, in an attempt to keep players playing after the first round in mp. A lot of drop off is seen after completing first round.
– New enemy, the yellow high explosive amoeba. Slightest damage to it will make it explode like a bomb, creating difficult and challenging situations..
– Number of initial nukes on the level scales and increases with number of played levels.
– Sentries start out much much easier and grow more and more dangerous as the game proceeds. To an almost insane point. These changes to the sentry also greatly reduces the choppy feeling when reaching higher levels.
– Forest intensity is lower and slowly increases with number of played levels.
– Number of mines in the level increases with number of played levels.
– A little less enemies in mp mode.
– Idle time in lobby before “no action” message shortened to 10 seconds (some analysis of behavior suggest that this is some kind of minimal attention given)
– Player base and high speed increased by 20%
– Speed power up is more common on the level for more intense high speed action. In fact, there is always at least one.
– Weapon shot speed increased slightly to accompany the increased player speed.
– The minigun uses less ammunition (but still plenty).
– Adjustments to prices in shop.

There also was a few serious bugs that I’ve fixed:

– Message when dying was bugged and just displayed gibberish sometimes.
– A dangerous crash bug in the creation of new nests was fixed.
– A dangerous crash bug involving grenades, walls and shadow was fixed. This was the most reported error.
– Fixed mechanical junk from robots and sentries from making sound when being hit.


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