the arms come off

Before the easter hoildays I’ve coded some on the robot. Now it animates properly in multiplayer, and you can shoot either cannon off it (kinda like his arms). It’s quite addictive! As an added bonus, you will also be able to pick them up and fire a couple of rounds yourself.

During the weekend I’ve spent much time either flying around on my motorbike or hanging out with my family and relatives and eating food- not much programming..

I also got a great idea on how to improve the single player survival mode (and make it more open for cooperative survival later on). It’s a bit sketchy right now, but me and Dave will discuss and settle on most of the details in a couple of days.

It’s also ’bout time for an update, just need to make that new enemy a little bit less glitchy and incorporate it in the game in a good way.


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2 Responses to the arms come off

  1. Bryon (Fistofvalor) says:

    If you want to throw some of those ideas my way I will be happy to give you advice 🙂

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