update up

Woha, it’s been a while. I’ve been working on the project as usual, and integrated the robot to the gameplay, testing and stuff. Consumes a surprising amount of time! Anyhow, I just pushed out an update.

– The big change is the presence of the robot. He (and later his friends) turn up when you grab the keycard in survival mode. He will hunt you down, burn you, shoot you and then step on you if you don’t get away (it doesn’t even help if you’re immortal when he’s stepping on you). As rounds progress, he will also be stronger and better armed. Don’t try and fight him unless you’re a real bad ass and armed to the teeth. Fly you fool!
– The very level puts up more of a fight too, it’s not quite as easy to cut down trees. Use grenades for that if you’re in a hurry.
– More effects when teleporting out from a round has been added.
– We also added a little more help in the shop, a lot of people don’t seem to realize there’s an inventory view. Hopefully this change will remedy that.
– In survival mode, there’s an objectives box to keep you on track.
– Last, but certainly not least, our backstory can now be read in the intro when the game starts. Finally, you get to know what this is about!
– A lot of bug fixes, such as the non existing keycard and fire stop to the weapon have been mended.

As for a little longer perspective, we have a great idea for an additional game mode that we will start implementing right away. This game mode does not have the player critical mass requirement that multiplayer has, but will still involve several players. We are also considering to add achievements before that, but it’s not really decided yet. Right now, we just want to get the new mode out and hope that it brings people in! Then some money.

Go play, the highscores have been reset!


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2 Responses to update up

  1. Bob_Twinkles says:

    The robot is very difficult to get past if you lead him to the spawn.

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