focus shift?

We got great response from the latest version and it sure improved the game, great fun to see it work and people having fun. Even with the now dramatically more difficult survival mode, people get amazing scores registered. I can’t even compete! That’s great!

As you may know, we discussed a single player / coop player story mode before. It felt like a good solid way to make the game better along with the original plan of making the multiplayer mode more of a customizable experience (player profiles/names, lobby, achievements the usual kind of thing). That would make it a good game, yes. Good, but great?

Then we got a really awesome (and secret!) idea on what to transform this into, instead. It does not terminate the original plan, but would effectively put it on hold. The new idea just feels much more probable to put food on the table and enable us to do this full time. It will reuse most, if not all, of the current game and expand on it to remove the risky initial critical mass requirement that multiplayer has.

But anyway, first we’re gonna investigate it a bit further and plan. See if the idea really is as good as I think it is. Then some furious hacking is sure to follow! We’ll keep you posted.


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Part time indie game developer
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