fixes and plans

Me and Dave talked a lot about the new mode today. It’s a bit hard to decide if we continue with the original goal or switch to building this even more promising mode first. But it’s really leaning towards doing the new thing right now. Other than that, I did a little poking around the code and fixed a few things worthy of a bug fix update. Here’s the list:

– One of the bonus rooms could have you trapped in multiplayer for various reasons (the one with three keycards and doors in it). It has been redesigned to workaround the quirks.
– A not very common crash from within the shop has been fixed.
– Stats regarding total number of enemies on a level was just a crazy value, fixed to show the real total number.
– The input system used for chat (and now soon logging in etc) was terrible and caused letters to be swapped very often. It also caused problems writing smileys on Windows computers. I remade the whole bit of that and introduced it to the game.
– Finally did a few adjustments to the robots. The robots still come in three difficulty levels, but the easiest one now moves much slower than the others. The robots also got reduced armor, and the amount of damage the cannons of the laser robot can handle was lowered too.
– This slower level one robot required some changes to the ramp up of robot levels in multiplayer, but the first round is still robot free.

The update has already been deployed..


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