Let’s go

Yeah, we’ve decided to go for adding the new cool concept instead of following the original plan! We even managed to come up with a good name AND an accompanying domain name. There’s nothing there yet, but we will use it to present the game, once we’re ready with the details and design.

So what will happen then? Well, we’ll change the name and way this game plays to something much more involving. The core game will still look and play very similar, so no huge changes there.. It will be a paid game, since running it will cost us money, but with a free full featured trial to get you hooked. Anyway, it won’t be as expensive as say, minecraft (not that MC is particular expensive, but to have something to compare with).

It will also not be any way near as dependent on a critical mass user base, but once it exists, it may leverage it. Initially, we will run a closed beta to find bugs and unfair balancing etc. You can apply for beta testing on the soon to be announced site, but it’ll be a few months before anything playable will surface anyway.

Stay tuned for further info.


About dr-m

Part time indie game developer
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