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Project Brutal is evolving into an entirely new game, DRUG CAMP. The old game is put on hold for now, please check out the, our new info site and the new blog! Advertisements

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Working silent

Hello, it’s been a while! Last week or two I’ve been sick and other stuff has occupied me, which is kind of frustrating when you have a kick ass game to finish.. I recently downgraded the european mp server to … Continue reading

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Let’s go

Yeah, we’ve decided to go for adding the new cool concept instead of following the original plan! We even managed to come up with a good name AND an accompanying domain name. There’s nothing there yet, but we will use … Continue reading

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fixes and plans

Me and Dave talked a lot about the new mode today. It’s a bit hard to decide if we continue with the original goal or switch to building this even more promising mode first. But it’s really leaning towards doing … Continue reading

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focus shift?

We got great response from the latest version and it sure improved the game, great fun to see it work and people having fun. Even with the now dramatically more difficult survival mode, people get amazing scores registered. I can’t … Continue reading

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update up

Woha, it’s been a while. I’ve been working on the project as usual, and integrated the robot to the gameplay, testing and stuff. Consumes a surprising amount of time! Anyhow, I just pushed out an update. – The big change … Continue reading

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new enemy weapon

The new robot proves to be a complex challenge, not only when played as an opponent, but also programming it is complicated. Getting a good behavior is hard enough alone, but I also have the issues of animating something remotely … Continue reading

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