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Working silent

Hello, it’s been a while! Last week or two I’ve been sick and other stuff has occupied me, which is kind of frustrating when you have a kick ass game to finish.. I recently downgraded the european mp server to … Continue reading

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Let’s go

Yeah, we’ve decided to go for adding the new cool concept instead of following the original plan! We even managed to come up with a good name AND an accompanying domain name. There’s nothing there yet, but we will use … Continue reading

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the arms come off

Before the easter hoildays I’ve coded some on the robot. Now it animates properly in multiplayer, and you can shoot either cannon off it (kinda like his arms). It’s quite addictive! As an added bonus, you will also be able … Continue reading

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new enemy

Very busy this friday and the weekend, but I’ve been working a day or so on the new robot enemy. He’s in an entirely different league compared to the relatively dumb enemies we currently have. You will be able to … Continue reading

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We’ve managed to update the game a few times, addressing the most urgent bugs. We also finally got a multiplayer server in US again, this time on the west coast. Let’s just see how much it can handle, eh? You … Continue reading

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update out!

Yes, released an update, finally. Go play it now, or read up on all the news here. – We’ve added cool music made by my friend X3M, in the title, levels and shop! – You now start of being equipped … Continue reading

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almost there

Finally the code has gotten a bit tested and feels more stable than ever (thats the normal feeling before releasing anything). It’s been a few days with of fixing plenty, almost untested, features that broke horribly once someone other than … Continue reading

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