the arms come off

Before the easter hoildays I’ve coded some on the robot. Now it animates properly in multiplayer, and you can shoot either cannon off it (kinda like his arms). It’s quite addictive! As an added bonus, you will also be able to pick them up and fire a couple of rounds yourself.

During the weekend I’ve spent much time either flying around on my motorbike or hanging out with my family and relatives and eating food- not much programming..

I also got a great idea on how to improve the single player survival mode (and make it more open for cooperative survival later on). It’s a bit sketchy right now, but me and Dave will discuss and settle on most of the details in a couple of days.

It’s also ’bout time for an update, just need to make that new enemy a little bit less glitchy and incorporate it in the game in a good way.

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almost new robot

As usual I’ve been squeezing in dev time where ever and made some progress on the robot. Its working and animates as expected now, looks really sinister!

It does not perform good in multiplayer yet, but that’s merely an animation thing, and I’ve got a plan to fix that today. You cannot shoot his arms of yet, and it does not crush thing when stepping on them. But we’re getting there.

Also fixed a bad bug which caused a weapon hang up, no more bullets appearing. It was not super common, unless you acquired a minigun and went berserk (which is very fun). I’ll be releasing an update to that soon, just gotta go dig in my source repository and find the current released version in there..

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new enemy

Very busy this friday and the weekend, but I’ve been working a day or so on the new robot enemy. He’s in an entirely different league compared to the relatively dumb enemies we currently have. You will be able to shoot off his two side cannons. He is also very aggressive and tears down the forest in order to hunt you down. And as he pursuits you, he will trample any amoebas in his way.

new enemy

Right now the AI and basic functions all work pretty ok, even in MP, apart from a few simple bugs. What’s left is integrate walking animation, shoot-cannons-off behavior, death, trampling and some general polish.

We also have a new shotgun in the works. It’s pretty similar to the old one, the Reverend, but its sawed off so the bullet spread over a larger area. Very effective and hard to dodge in these close combat situations.

An update with the new enemy and shotgun is not very far away.

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update out

Hey, play a round and tell us something!

Just pushed the all the fixes in the previous post, PLUS a heap of additional stuff listed here:

– Enemy-enemy damage works again, was broken for a while. So shots and explosions from other enemies kills enemies.
– Enemies and players can get squished in doors, again.
– Fixed a serious flaw that made the teleporter room accessible without the key. You could just wiggle your way though the door..
– Energy of sentries also increase with their gradually increased firepower.
– A new row of information is visible in survival and death row. Shows score and level in survival and played rounds and active players in death row.
– Every item in the shop also is presented with an icon in the list.
– Speed and immortality used to accumulate when several was picked up in one go, now they just restart the time.
– A few minor bugfixes, new and old.

Go play it already!

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We’ve isolated a few key problems with current survival and multiplayer modes, partly by playing with people and partly by watching replays. Then we made a list, or sort of, and implemented various counter measures for these things.

The result is an improved experience, hopefully less angering and more challenging (in the right way). Still a couple of bugs in there, and more testing is needed, but I’m confident the result will be released this week.

I should probably reset the high scores at that point too, since the survival mode balance has changed considerably.

– Less mines in “the box”. They were quite common!
– Keycard radar is more prominent and text when picking up a keycard in survival is more helpful. It also emits a sound when popping up, so its easier to notice.
– Keycard radar is jammed on some higher levels, lessening the range of it.
– The “press fire to continue” is now flashing, in an attempt to keep players playing after the first round in mp. A lot of drop off is seen after completing first round.
– New enemy, the yellow high explosive amoeba. Slightest damage to it will make it explode like a bomb, creating difficult and challenging situations..
– Number of initial nukes on the level scales and increases with number of played levels.
– Sentries start out much much easier and grow more and more dangerous as the game proceeds. To an almost insane point. These changes to the sentry also greatly reduces the choppy feeling when reaching higher levels.
– Forest intensity is lower and slowly increases with number of played levels.
– Number of mines in the level increases with number of played levels.
– A little less enemies in mp mode.
– Idle time in lobby before “no action” message shortened to 10 seconds (some analysis of behavior suggest that this is some kind of minimal attention given)
– Player base and high speed increased by 20%
– Speed power up is more common on the level for more intense high speed action. In fact, there is always at least one.
– Weapon shot speed increased slightly to accompany the increased player speed.
– The minigun uses less ammunition (but still plenty).
– Adjustments to prices in shop.

There also was a few serious bugs that I’ve fixed:

– Message when dying was bugged and just displayed gibberish sometimes.
– A dangerous crash bug in the creation of new nests was fixed.
– A dangerous crash bug involving grenades, walls and shadow was fixed. This was the most reported error.
– Fixed mechanical junk from robots and sentries from making sound when being hit.

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We’ve managed to update the game a few times, addressing the most urgent bugs. We also finally got a multiplayer server in US again, this time on the west coast. Let’s just see how much it can handle, eh?

You now also have the fortunate opportunity to buy David and me a lunch by donating any amount of cash, check out the game page for more info.

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update out!

Yes, released an update, finally. Go play it now, or read up on all the news here.

– We’ve added cool music made by my friend X3M, in the title, levels and shop!
– You now start of being equipped with a machete as well as a pistol! Great for working your way through the jungle and its enemies.
– A top 100 highscorelist now visible in the game after entering your name.
– Mines and camouflaged nukes can now be bought and placed in the level by players.
– Amoebas can now appear from nests, holes in the ground. They can only be taken out with a grenade blast or similar.
– Destroying stuff sometimes creates loot!
– Ingame panel remade with current weapon showing as an image as well as text.
– Rendering and appearance of radioactivity have been changed for something that scales better than the old approach. This makes the city level and other places a smoother place. Now you can nuke as much as possible without an upper limit. We’re also added a geiger counter sound when you’re getting close, so you know when to watch your step.
– The loading screen in multiplayer now supports chat and displays helpful advice. You are also able to see who exits the shop when, and which players are still shopping.
– Added some information text for the empty parts of the shop so it doesn’t look as broken.
– Fixes to statistics counting stuff wrongly and displaying the score wrong.
– Selling the last of something in the shop deselects the cursor so nothing else is sold by mistake.
– In order to make the game more portable and predictable, it now uses 19.12 fixed math instead of native floats. Slower but very reliable. Produce the same results on any machine.
– Fixed missing graphics in the shop (were missing a few cords around the big buttons in the bottom).
– Much improved barrel graphics.
– New smoke and more effects when chopping down trees.
– A couple of serious crashbugs have been fixed in the shop and in level.
– Improved broken tree handling, now produces debris a bit more reliably.
– A lot of bugs following the 19.12 switch have been ironed as well, most of them due to unexpected overflow or other invalid behavior that now is handled differently.
– Finally fixed that annoying issue with collision of dead player bodies, and getting stuck in the cadaver.
– Issues with receiving money for killing enemies have been fixed, especially when using the bazooka.
– Nicer looking trees with one extra level of damage being visible.
– Number of keycards owned is now displayed in bottom right corner.
– Lots of adjustment to price of weapons in the shop, and the level generation.

Now, go play and flush out those bugs for me! As usual we want to hear all your suggestions and crazy ideas!

Please note that the US multiplayer server is currently not up to date. This means most of Europe should have ok ping, while the US will be less playable. We’re working on fixing this!

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